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Stuffed full of character! Winner announced for Arts Weekend Character Drawing competition

Last September, St James hosted the first Guernsey Community Arts Festival, an event “featuring free activities for all ages and skill levels, exhibitions, walk-in sessions, talks and workshops.”
At the event, the artists and illustrators behind the Zone comic anthology and Lobrau zine created a ‘Drawing Zone’ where anyone could pick up a pen and paper and add to a wall of drawings gathered fromLobrau’s archives. All new drawings were eligible for inclusion in future editions of the Lobrau zine.
Drawing Zone contributors also had the opportunity to enter a competition for original character sketches. The prize on offer was a digital print of their character, as interpreted, rendered, and coloured by one of Guernsey’s finest illustrators, Ryan De Haaf.
A number of standout characters were entered into the competition, and the shortlist featured Angel Plumber, Ramen Man, and Wicked Pickle, amongst others. From this impressive pool of entries, however, ‘Gaia’, created by local artist Olympia McEwan, has been picked as the winner.
Free copies of the Lobrau zine can be picked up from St James and Vinyl Vaughn’s, or by coming to one of Lobrau’s Drink N Draw’s at the Cock and Bull. The next Drink N Draws are on the 3rd February and 2nd March. Follow the Lobrau FB page for more details.