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Musicians in Lockdown: tanTale

How do you think the lockdown affected your musical creativity?
Lockdown broadened and conciliated our creativity. tanTale experimented with different ways of writing and recoding music, we dipped into styles out of our comfort zone and re-energised.

Do you think the complete slow-down helped or hindered creativity?
We think the helped the creative process. People often adapt to adversity and learn skills and tone up talents that were untapped.

Did you do any live streams during lockdown and if so, what was the experience like?
We chose not to do any live streams for a couple of reasons; we’re a band of brothers and the music we make comes from us together in a room, we are energised by the audience and wanted to wait until that live interface was available once more.

How do you think the lockdown will affect the Guernsey music and entertainment scene?
Lockdown undoubtedly negatively effected the Guernsey music scene. Particularly venues and audio visual companies took a significant financial hit.

What are you most looking forward to for the 11 July?
On The 17th Of July we are looking forward to sharing the stage with the super talented Hollie Lucia, new band Yaz. We are eager to play out loud and groovy. New tunes and old. To see those friends we’ve missed and play them our hearts.


tanTale are playing St James on 17 July, with Hollie Lucia and new band Yaz. Tickets are available here.


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