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Collect all the stickers and make your own Insult Generator!

William Shakespeare is famous for writing many plays and poems, but he also invented more than 3000(!) new words. So before Shakespeare, people didn’t know the words lonely, unreal, torture, buzzer, advertising, hobnob and elbow, for example.

In his plays Shakespeare also came up with some great insults, mostly made up from three words. These insults still work great today (but careful who you use them on!) and you can now make your very own Shakespeare Insult Generator and be in with the chance of winning a MASSIVE PRIZE!


1: Collect your FREE Starter Pack at St James or the Guille-Allès Library
2: Visit the shops listed and collect 3 different coloured stickers in each shop
4: Stick the stickers to your Insult Generator (included in your Starter Pack), matching the sticker colours with the columns.
5: Once you have collected all the stickers, and your Insult Generator is complete, try it out and create some great Shakespearean Insults.
6: Take your completed Insult Generator to St James or the Guille-Allès Library to be entered in the Big Prize Draw – don’t worry you can keep your sticker collection, we just need to see that you completed it and get your details for the Prize Draw.

We have three amazing prizes up for grabs!

1st = £150 voucher to the shop of your choice
2nd = £100 voucher to the shop of your choice
3rd = £50 voucher to the shop of your choice

Everyone who shows their completed sticker sheet at St James or the Guille-Allès Library by 12 July will be entered into the Prize Draw on 15 July. The competition is open to all 5-12 year olds.


Shakespeare’s Globe Touring Company are bringing three dynamic and eventful Shakespeare productions to St James this July. Known for audience interaction (watch out, they know all the insults!), live music throughout the play and lots of laughter, the Globe Touring Company will deliver Shakespeare like Guernsey has never seen it before.
There are four performances, starting on 17 July, but come along to the Saturday performance (20 July) for your license to SHOUT as LOUD as you can. As the audience gets to vote (with as much noise as they can make) for the play they want to see, the actors get ready to jump into action. There are no chairs that night, much like there wouldn’t have been chairs in the original Globe Theatre, so you are free to move around. Make sure you avoid those sword fights!

Are you ready to experience Shakespeare?

Pick your play or come on the Saturday night and vote for your favourite. Performances during the week are seated.

Participating Shops

  • Le Coin Trophies
  • Wink
  • Paperchase
  • Rocks
  • Lexicon
  • Cook
  • Cancer Research
  • Avocado
  • Guernsey Photographics
  • Balloonees
  • Eleven
  • Encore
  • Fletchers
  • Cadeaux Town
  • Cadeaux Oatlands
  • Craft House
  • Hairy Tail Adventures
  • Model Shop
  • Vinyl Vaughns
  • BEN Le Prevost Chocolatier
  • TourisT Information Centre
  • Post Office, Smith Street
  • Seaquest
  • Sole Mates
  • Creasey’s Department store
  • Creasey’s kids
  • Creasey’s on the bridge
  • Joules
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