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Back for 2020

The Shakespeare's Globe Touring Company

After last year’s amazing reception of the Shakespeare’s Globe Touring company, we are delighted to announce their return in 2020 presenting a new trio of plays. Taking on multiple roles across all three plays – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It and The Tempest – the talented cast will unravel these tales of lovers, exiles, dreamers and wanderers.

The performances on 15, 16 and 17 July are seated performances with a fixed programme. Saturday night, 18 July, the Audience Choice night, is an informal evening with no fixed seating or programme. You decide what you watch.

Hotel packages and Pre-Show Dinners will be available through our partners The Old Government House Hotel and The Duke of Richmond.

More details to be announced soon.

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Four brawling lovers, caught in a dispute of magical proportions; a crew of keen mechanicals, determined to give it their all; and one roguish sprite, hell-bent on causing as much havoc as possible… What could possibly go wrong?
Exploding with dramatic poetry, mischief and merriment, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is Shakespeare’s amazingly inventive play, whose serious and dark undercurrent cuts starkly through the hilarity making its dreamlike surface deeply rich and all the more memorable.


A firm favourite among Shakespeare’s comedies, and including some of his best loved characters, As You Like It runs the glorious gamut of pastoral romance: cross-dressing and love-notes; poetry and brilliant conversation; gentle satire, slapstick and passion. A series of hilarious mistaken identities and mishaps in the Forest of Arden ultimately sees new friendships formed, and families and lovers reunited.


Inspired by reports of the first English colonies in the West Indies and imbued with a spirit of magic and the supernatural, The Tempest is Shakespeare’s late great masterpiece of forgiveness, generosity and enlightenment set on a remote and mysterious desert island, but with magic enchantments and treachery at every turn, will anyone ever make it off?


What’s it like to go to the theatre and not know what you’re going to see? Take part in Shakespeare’s Globe’s democratic theatrical experiment to find out! It will be up to you to vote for which of these three plays you want to see. The rules are simple: the loudest cheer wins, and the action starts straight away. Actors call it ‘terrifying’, audiences say it’s ‘exhilarating.’ So scream and shout as loud as you can for the play you want to see. This is an experience that you do not want to miss.