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Diversity and inclusion Policy


Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of who we are and what we do. We recognise that there are both seen and unseen differences in us all, and we value these differences so that each person is treated and valued as a unique individual. We strive to remove all barriers to participation in the life of St James, whether as a staff member or through enjoyment of the facilities and events that St James offers. We welcome everyone without prejudice.

This document outlines the principles that guide our approach to working within St James, welcoming the wider community and enabling an open culture.

At St James, we have a zero tolerance to discrimination of any sort which goes beyond the requirements of current Guernsey Legislation in this area,


1. All of our community are of equal value.

    • Whether or not they have a seen or unseen disability
    • Whatever their ethnicity, culture, national origin or national status
    • Whatever their birth gender and current gender identity
    • Whatever their religious and non-religious affiliation or faith background
    • Whatever their sexual orientation
    • Whatever their marital status
    • Whether they are currently pregnant or have recently given birth
    • Whatever their age

2. We recognise and celebrate diversity.

We recognise that understanding diversity and putting in place a well-developed action plan requires more than treating everyone equally.

We recognise that our policies, procedures and activities must not discriminate but must take account of diversity and the kinds of barriers that may disadvantage people in relation to their protected characteristics:

    • Disability – we note that reasonable adjustments may need to be made
    • Gender – we recognise that gender can be non-binary and that people may not wish to identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. We recognise that each member of our community will have their own individual needs.
    • Religion and belief – we note that reasonable requests in relation to religious observance and practice may need to be made and complied with
    • Ethnicity and race – we understand that we all have different experiences as a result of our ethnic and racial backgrounds
    • Age – we value the diversity in age of community and our audiences
    • Sexual orientation – we respect that individuals have the right to determine their own sexual identity and that they should not experience disadvantage or discrimination as a result of their preference
    • Marital status – we recognise that our community may make their own personal choices in respect of personal relationships and that they should not experience disadvantage or discrimination as a result of the relationships they have
    • Pregnancy and maternity – we believe that our community should not experience any unfair disadvantage as a result of pregnancy or having recently given birth. We parallel this belief for non-maternal partners.

3. We foster positive attitudes and relationships, and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging

We intend that our policies, procedures and activities should promote:

    • Positive attitudes and interaction between everyone involved with St James
    • An absence of harassment, victimisation and discrimination in relation to any protected characteristics

4. We aim to remove inequalities and barriers that already exist

We intend that our policies, procedures and activities avoid or eradicate any possible negative impacts and we aim to remove inequalities that may exist between members of our diverse community who wish to work for, hire or attend St James.

Addressing prejudice and prejudice-related discrimination

St James is opposed to all forms of prejudice including, but not limited to, prejudice related to protected characteristics. We will ensure that discrimination of any kind to any member of our community is recorded and dealt with appropriately, as follows:

    • Ensure a welcoming and discrimination free culture in all activities
    • In a first instance, the Executive Director to discuss any form of discrimination with those involved and politely remind members that we have zero tolerance to discrimination
    • Should the discrimination continue, the Board must be made aware of the situation and will take appropriate measures to ensure that the discrimination cannot continue.
    • We welcome everybody and anyone who has discriminated in the past will be welcomed back on the condition that they adhere to this policy. Should a further discriminatory event take place, the person concerned may be asked to leave St James and to take no further part in its activities.

Roles and responsibilities

The Board is responsible for ensuring that everyone working for St James complies with our diversity and inclusion policy and that arrangements are in place to deal with any concerns or unlawful action that arises.

The Executive Director is responsible for implementation of this policy, ensuring that all staff members are aware of their responsibilities and given appropriate training and support and for taking appropriate action in any cases of any discrimination, harassment or victimisation.
All Board members and members of staff are expected to work in accordance with the principles outlined in this policy to:

    • Promote an inclusive and collaborative ethos
    • Remove any barriers to the community prior to activities commencing
    • Deal with any prejudice-related incidents that may occur
    • Support people that may require assistance

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