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A free Festival for all

Dancing makes happy and is good for you! That’s why we got together with some of the island’s dance community and cooked up the idea of the St James Dance Festival.

An entire weekend dedicated to dance, everything from Bachata to Ballroom, Salsa to Lindy Hop.
From 14-16 April, come along and make use of one of the island’s biggest and best (so we’ve been told) dancefloors, learn something new and meet new people.  Everything during the weekend is free to attend, we’re just asking you to register for any workshops you’d like to take part in.

There will be evening socials on Friday and Saturday, and an afternoon Tea Dance on Sunday. Starting with a Salsa and Bachata Social on the Friday evening, featuring a percussionist and DJ, followed by a special concert with The Silverados on the Saturday evening and the vintage style Tea Dance with Show Dance on Sunday afternoon.

So come and learn something new, then get all dressed up in your finery and try out your new dance moves at the FREE St James Dance Festival 14th to 16th April 2022.

Please note: some of the dance lessons will happen during the week, before the festival, to give as many people a chance to get involved as possible.

The Dance Socials

Salsa Social
14 April 8.30pm – 11pm

Stay on after your lesson or come and join in for the Salsa social. There’ll be a percussionist and DJ providing the perfect music to dance to.

Swing & Rock’n’Roll Social
15 April 8pm – 11pm

Saturday Night is Dance Night! Put all your newly learned swing and rock’n’roll skills into practice and dance along to a live band! We are very happy to have the brilliant Silverados along for the show! Don’t forget to dress up and have some fun.

Tea Dance Social
16 April 2pm – 5pm

Come and get dressed up for an afternoon of fun dancing, at this Tea Dance Social. Try out your newly learned skills and meet up with a new group of people, The Tea Dance will also feature a show dance by competition dancers.

The Dances

Swing/Lindy Hop

Swing dance evolved from the exuberant post-war Liberation years (eg The Glenn Miller Sound) into the popular ‘Swing’ era of the 50’s, featuring Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and many others.

Often played by Big Bands, ‘Swing’ has a gentle, swaying beat which is generally slower than Rock & Roll or Jive. One version or another is danced in the streets and venues all over the world.

Rock & Roll

Rock ‘n Roll was the music for the young people to dance to in the late 50’s. Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly & the Everly Brothers were some of the most popular singers. It’s fun, exuberant with a catchy beat – just made to dance to.


Salsa is a partnered dance originating from Cuba. Linear salsa involves turns and spins where the leader swaps places with the follower to the music. They can also sometimes break apart to go into a series of shines. It is overall a very smooth and gentle dance.


Bachata is a partnered dance originating from the Dominican Republic. It is danced to Bachata music and has now been growing very popular with mainstream artists such as Shakira, The Weekend or Rosalia releasing songs. Bachata dance comes with various sub categories but is always danced on the same 8 counts.

Learn something new

Free Dance Lessons

Tuesday 11 April 6pm – 7pm:
Swing & Lindy Hop Classes

Wednesday 12 April 7.45pm – 8.45pm:
Ballroom (Social Foxtrott) Classes

Wednesday 12 April 8.45pm – 9.45pm:
Ballroom (Cha Cha Cha) Classes

Thursday 13 April 6pm – 7pm: Swing & Lindy Hop Classes

Friday 14 April 7pm – 7.45pm:
Salsa Classes

Friday 14 April 7.45pm – 8.30pm: Bachata Classes

Saturday 15 April 10:30am – 11:30am:
Bachata Classes

Saturday 15 April 11:30am – 12:30pm:
 Salsa Classes

Saturday 15 April 12:30pm – 1:30pm:
 Swing & Lindy Hop Classes

Saturday 15 April 1:30pm – 2:30pm:
 Retro Rock ‘n’ Roll Classes

Saturday 15 April 3:30pm – 4:30pm:
Ballroom (Quickstep) Classes

Saturday 15 April 4:30pm – 5:30pm:
Ballroom (Latin, Rhumba) Classes


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