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Come Together

Firstly, we are very excited to open our doors to all you lovely people again very soon. We have managed to accommodate most cancelled events in the next couple of months and simply can’t wait to get started again.
In all this excitement we still want to make sure everyone is safe, and following yesterday’s press briefing we contacted the Civil Contingencies Authority to check we were OK to go ahead with our bigger events in April.
The CCA were very helpful and quickly clarified what the new rules, that come in from the 22nd March, mean to our events. From next Monday we will be back to the same situation we were in from post lockdown last June. This means that masks and social distancing are at the discretion of the individual, and for events over 100 people, records need to be kept of all attendees.
This means that we can and will go ahead with all our events in April, as social distancing and masks are not mandatory. We’ll just be making sure we have your name and contact details in case anything happens.
We are very keen to ensure that our events are safe places to come, there will be plenty of hand sanitiser around and we request, if possible, that you pay by contactless card payment and most importantly, if you feel unwell, please don’t come.
We’ll give full refunds, even on the day of the event, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get your money back.
We thank the CCA for the continued guidance and commitment to getting us through this. We are very excited to welcome you back to St James, and if we all play our part we can look forward to another great summer in the Bailiwick.

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