Bethlehem Casuals & Hot Springs // 06.05.2023

Bethlehem Casuals are a jazz/psych/rock septet based in Manchester. With an eclectic sound that infuses a world of influences, heady grooves and tribal drum circles, the Casuals’ have been dubbed by some as “urban rock styled DIY world music”; but it’s of course open to interpretation. For the uninitiated, they are living proof that seven heads are undoubtedly better than one. With their infectiously idiosyncratic compositions, strung-out live shows and, of course, their notably laid-back nature (it’s in the name); these past few years Bethlehem Casuals have been ensnaring growing audiences in their deliriously entertaining cocktail of sounds and wickedly lurid imagination.

hot springs is led by Manchester based musician Rachel Rimmer. Since moving from her hometown Swansea to Manchester in 2012, Rachel has forged numerous musical collaborations, working closely with other artists as well as performing and producing her own material alongside an evolving line up of musicians. hot springs released their second single in 2022, with a debut full album in the works

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Event: 06.05.2023 // 7pm


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