Art at St James

Constant Art Exhibition

In 2019 St James launched a new initiative for local artists. The walls of St James have since been converted into a gallery, where Guernsey artists can exhibit and sell their pieces to the public.

St James Director Jon Bisson says: “We have a lot of wall space in our public areas that we would love to hand over to local artists. We see it as an ongoing, ever-changing exhibition which will be a point of interest for our visitors, as well as a helpful tool for the artist to get their work in the public domain and in front of potential buyers.

Any Guernsey artist can apply to be invited to hang and sell their artwork at St James, provided that the price tag is under £250. St James staff will handle the hanging and selling of the pieces, without taking a commission. Artists will be invited by a curator, who changes regularly, to be part of Art at St James.

Come in and have a look – the cafe is open weekdays 10 – 3pm – or take a wander through the building when you’re next visiting for an event.

Special Exhibitions

St James has hosted a number of special exhibitions for individual artists or art groups. Do you have an idea for a special exhibition?

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